Unable to create a new account


I am trying to create an account for a client of mine in order to pass his static site on the free tier from my account to his newly created account. I was faced with stripe verification and was unable to complete it at the moment because I was not with the client nor had his data. Today we tried together to verify the account and the result was that we were not even able to login. The system prompted us claiming that we had the wrong password and then we tried to signup again with the same email and we got a prompt that the email already exists. In a few words netlify flags new accounts and if they see something they don’t like then they block the email for no reason and prevent new customers from signing up? What are we suppose to do now my client doesn’t want to create a new email for netlify I would appreciate some help and guidance please. Thanks so much. Alex


If you tried to signup for your clients account with the same device of your current account this would be the reason for the block. We do not enable the use of mutliple accounts and our system will flag if you are using the same device that is already registered with your account.

Can your client attempt to verify their email with their own device or you can add them to your account a team member so they will have access to the project?

If none of these solutions work and they are having difficulty verifying their ID with their account please have them submit a ticket and share their email so I can escalate this to our fraud and abuse team.

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Hello Sam, yeah this is exactly what happened I attempted to create the client’s account on my own device. I will try the route of adding them as a team member and see how it goes. Thanks alot I appreciate it.

Awesome. Let me know how you get on. Happy to help.