Unable to connect via git-gateway


I hadn’t logged into my site’s backoffice (NetlifyCMS) for a long time, I just did it today and I have an error, once I’m logged in:
failed to load entry: API_ERROR: [object Object] netlify

I can’t see my articles anymore, it’s empty.

After some unsuccessful searches I tried to change the way to access it, and it works if I put this in my config.yml file:

  name: gitlab
  repo: org-or-username/repo-name
  api_root: https://gitlab.com/api/v4

But if I put this, it doesn’t work, I connect and I get the error failed to load entry: API_ERROR: [object Object] netlify

  name: git-gateway

Is it possible to make NetlifyCMS and Gitlab work again through Git-gateway? It was quite convenient because it avoided having to connect to a gitlab account to connect directly to NetlifyCMS


Did you check this:

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@hrishikesh Thank you, it works :partying_face:

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