Unable to configure TXT(DMARC, DKIM, SPF) in DNS setting

The status of TXT record(DMARC, DKIM, SPF) in the Sendinblue mail server are still unconfigured after I added TXT record in Netlify DNS settings for 4 days. I already read the post in Netlify forums but still cannot solve this and not sure that I filled in correctly or not. I attached the configs I set up below.

(I can send emails via support@derndoo.com but all of them were sent into junk box so I try to improve the email scoring by following instructions of Sendinblue which told me to add TXT record in my DNS server)

Mail Server: Sendinblue
Domain: derndoo.com
Sub-domain: support.derndoo.com
Email: support@derndoo.com

Many thanks for your time.

You seem to have added wrong records. Your domain name is doubled:


You just need to type the subdomain name. So, when Sendinblue says add a record for support.derndoo.com, you need to add only support as the name in Netlify.

Thank you so much. Is it correct? @hrishikesh

Yes, looks about right. Is it working now?

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Your screenshot seems to indicate that you need to point to derndoo.dom, but you are pointing to derndoo.com.

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It’s working now. Thank you so much guys. I pointed to the wrong endpoint and wrong format at first.

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