Unable to apply for Covid19 support for https://coronatimemap.netlify.app

There was some Ajax network issues in the console on the day with the netlify.com netlify.app domain switch. Not sure if it is addressed

hey there, the site loads great for me now:

are you still seeing issues?

@perry The apply for Covid19 support issue worked, even though I haven’t gotten any confirmation on the Pro plan yet. But this issue is still unresolved regarding rewrite rules, Need help with rewrite via _reredirects file for https://coronatimemap.netlify.app

we are receiving a lot of requests for covid related special accounts, but we will get to eventually, promise! if you incur overages in the mean time please let us know.

@perry Yeah, thanks for the response. I am past 50% build time after playing on it for a week, mostly 'cause I was not aware of the quota on build time. I have added some changes to avoid wasting some of the build time quota, but any support would be appreciated. I am mostly taking the opportunity to try different features on JAMstack, so it’s not super urgent but would be appreciated.

hey there,

it seems like we have already successfully processed your request - and also that we sent you an email about this. Did you receive anything? It might be a good idea to check your spam folder as well.

If you end up receiving a bill, please do go ahead and get in touch with us by using the form on netlify.com/support and selecting billing from the menu. thanks!