Unable to add RSS feed to the site

I have added this to my config.yml file-

  - jekyll-feed

Yet, I can’t get RSS feed to work. When I visit https://mirrorandglass.blog/feed.xml/ I get a page not found error. Needless to say, I have feed.xml file in the root directory.

What do I need to do to make RSS feed work?

For Jekyll hosting , make sure you have a Gemfile and a Gemfile.lock checked into your repository, specifying the Jekyll version you want to use.

Have added gem 'jekyll-feed' to your gemfile and created and pushed a gemfile.lock?

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I have, still no luck

@gauravphoenix, I think the file is called rss.xml and not feed.xml. The following URL does work for me:


Could that be the issue?