Unable to add custom domain

I am unable to add a custom domain to my website stupefied-mcclintock-2b400f.netlify.app

I am trying to add lucidbeeline.com as domain to the website and it gives me an error “Another site is already using this domain”. The domain is owned by me and there is no way another site can use this domain. Even if its using it is definitely unauthorised.

Hi, @Prithviamin. I’m showing this domain added to this site now.

Normally, the issue occurs because the domain was added to a site that someone created under a different email address. Then that person makes a new account at Netlify and they try to add the name again. Because it is still in use on the previous site/account, it cannot be used again until it is deleted from the other site/account first.

Did you resolve the issue and get the domain added? (Again, it appears so when I check but I want to be sure.)