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Unable to add custom domain: Another site is already using this domain


I’m trying to add a custom domain (zine.so) to my netlify app but I’m getting the error: “Another site is already using this domain”. I have no idea who would be using this site for their app, so I have no way to contact who is using this domain. Any idea on how I can get this fixed as soon as possible? My team and I are trying to launch on Monday :disappointed:

To speed things up, I already followed the verification steps of adding a TXT record to my DNS to prove ownership.

Hi there, @TaylorFacen :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! I am glad you found us.

Can you please provide the domain name you attempting to use? We cannot look into this further without some additional details.

Thank you!

Hi @hillary , thanks for having an amazing product.

zine.so is the domain name

Hi there, @TaylorFacen

Thanks for the kind words! We have gone ahead and removed that domain from the site it was associated with, so you should be able to move forward using it.