Unable to add an A Record - IPv6 config removal

I am trying to add a new A register on my DNS Panel but I am not getting what I am doing wrong.

It says: dns_api growintech.com.br - growintech.com.br/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

When I see the list of DNS records, I don’t see any other A register. So I don’t know what is happening.

I saw somewhere else here in the forum and some people said that with IPv6 configured, we could not add another DNS A register. So, I need the IPv6 configuration to be deleted.

NETLIFY and NETLIFYv6 records are A records so any you add would conflict with those. What are you trying to accomplish, exactly? Then maybe we can give you better advice :slight_smile:

I need to configure the DNS for MailChimp (a service for email sending). There, in the MailChimp’s instructions, it is said that I need to configure a CNAME and an A register. But I cannot register another A register.
So I came here to check if other people had the same problem I am having now. I read from some topics that if the IPv6 were configured, we would not be able to register a new A register. And, for deleting the IPv6 configuration, we need to call the support to delete it.

Is there any options that I can follow? Or do I really need to have my IPv6 configuration deleted?

I think you misread something - we can delete IPv6 records for you, but removing it and the A record will also disable your website. I think maybe you could contact mailchimp’s tech support to get a better description of what you need, so we can help you implement it. What you are asking for is possible, but I assume you do not want to disable your website, which you are asking us to do.

hi, i’m added ipv6 coverage to my site. it dramatically slowed it down and, as you discussed above, i can’t add an a tag that will complete my dns config with Google Domains. any assistance would be appreciated.

Dear community, I actually have exactly the same problem as the thread creator. I want to send mails via mailchimp. Therefore I have to set DNS records:

The following value into the CNAME record named www for corona-services.org. If this record does not exist in your DNS settings, create it.

us19-xxxxxxx.pages.mailchi.mp (working fine)

The following IP address into the A record for corona-services.org. If there is already an IP address in an existing A record, replace it with the one we provide.

Unfortunately I cannot set the A record, because the following issue appears.
In another post I read that you can only delete the old entry?

Thanks a lot - take care

hi! can you give a little more information about which record you are trying to add, please?

hi, thanks for getting back to me. it appears that stuff propagated and things are working as expected. i’m new to ipv6, though. is there any reason not to have it? i don’t think my personal dev portfolio would be reaching anywhere outside of N. America, but open to keeping it enabled if there aren’t any risks of performance deficits. thanks again

hi there, this is a thorough, if slightly dry explanation:

we recommend that you keep it enabled :slight_smile:

i’ll take a look and will keep it enabled for now. thanks, perry.

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