Unable to access my hosted websites on netlify and my account on netlify

I woke up and saw my every website hosted on netlfiy has been blocked and i dont know why , please fix it , i have all the websites in my resume / CV and also hosted some websites which were given to interviewers to check if they find out that my websites arent working they would not move forward with me please help me out as soon as possible !!!
Thank you

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Which site/account are you asking about?

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all the websites hosted on netlify under the account mujjukhn538@gmail.com are not working
and my account mujjukhn538@gmail.com is suspended

when i try to visit any of the website it says
Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on Netlify.
also when i try to login it says account suspended

Now i had this website https://mujtaba-cuvette-react-test.netlify.app/
that was to be examined by interviewers this week and now it is not working i am really worried

The ticket has been escalated to the helpdesk and you can expect a follow-up there.

I too am unable to view my site

this is the error message I am getting on my phone tablet and Mac

This site can’t be reached

65e80d372fac44000813a270–antbuffillportfolio.netlify.app refused to connect.

please assist

I have no connectivity issues I cannot access my site across multiple devices and I am concerned as I need this for interviews and networking This site can’t be reached

65e80d372fac44000813a270–antbuffillportfolio.netlify.app refused to connect.
is the specific error message

I have no issue accessing your site.

Also note @ABuffill the URL you have posted is a deploy preview URL. Each deploy you make has a different URL. The latest/published site is always available on antbuffillportfolio.netlify.app which is the URL you should share with others.

what could this be then I have not been able to access the site for 2 hours and I have tried on many devices unrlated to eachother it is working on my local host at port 3000 as well

I don’t know. I highly doubt the issue you are seeing has anything to do with Netlify.

You have also posted on an existing topic that is about something entirely different. Please open a new topic in the future.

sorry I am new to these forums I have networking events this evening and if I cant show the live site working It will really be damaging I was accessing it directly though the Netlify enviroment I even attempted to redeploy and publish and the build all worked fine until the point of clickig the live url

Don’t cross-post @tenyain. Netlify’s support team will deal with your original post in due course. Understand your post was over the weekend when less staff are working so response time is slower.