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Unable to Access my Account?


I am having serious difficulties even accessing my account.

I have the same issue as the user here: I can't log into my account in Netlify

However, I receive no password reset emails and it now throws the error “API Request rate limit surpassed for application”.

Please can someone assist so that I can actually login to my account?

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Hey there, @adamross11 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out!

If you are receiving that error message, it means that you attempted to log in too many times. You will need to wait 30 minutes before trying again.

Regarding your password reset, we have the email a**********4@gmail.com associated with your account. Is this the email you were attempting to use?

Hi @hillary

Thank you for your prompt response.

Yes, this was the correct email address.

Whenever I use it to login it keeps saying “email and password are required” despite both fields being input correctly

hi adam,

could you try logging in from an incognito window? it may be possible that you have an extension interfering with the usual login behaviour, and this is a quick way to rule that out.

Hi Perry,

When I try via an incognito window, if I try and log in manually with the email/password it just says:

email and password are required

Despite having input an email and password.

If I try with Github via incognito, it just repeats the same error as my OP.

Hi, @adamross11. I strongly suspect that there is some sort of browser plugin or other software (antivirus, anti-tracking, or something similar) stopping the site javascript from submitting the form data.

Would you be willing to make a HAR file recording of the issue occurring? If so, please do not post it here as it will contain your password.

If you do make the HAR recording, please let us know and we will open a support ticket so you can send that to us privately.

I do expect the HAR file is just going to confirm what I have already said though. If that is the case disabling the software or making an exception for Netlify will be the solution. Please make sure that no javascript is being blocked on our login page and that should resolve the issue.

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