Ultra easy search for static sites. One click setup and its working

The one thing that does both me quite a bit with a static site.
I use Hugo and come from a WordPress background.

In WP the search feature is there from the beginning and you do not
have to do much for it to work. You can do a lot to make search better.
You can also install the Jetpack for a more advanced search.

I know this is possible today with certain external services that all seem be quite complicated or have other issues.

At work (not releated to WP) We use AWS Elasticsearch quite a bit and
for some older projects we have PostgresSQL using full text search.

So I could create a system using either of those as well.

I would much prefer to have a checkbox on deploy or on configuration that
just says “include search” and everything else magically happens in the
background. Re indexing could be triggered by new deploy :slight_smile:

Super good.

I would not mind paying more for it. Package as an add in like analytics.

I am sure there are very good reasons for not doing it yet, or perhaps
it is already there and I dont know about it, which will make me feel
stupid but happy when I learn how to use it.

I am not so keen on having to setup my won Lambda functiions and what not to configure my own search engine.

hi there, i think what you are looking for is algolia! they are awesome and good friends of ours.