Typescript/React app returns 404s and CORS errors on deployment

I have a SPA (lucent-toffee-5651a2.netlify.app) that works locally, but when I deploy I get multiple errors.
See this deployment preview: https://639331f96f42a9000854b033--lucent-toffee-5651a2.netlify.app
These errors show in the console:

Its odd that images and the Mapbox module return 404, but the CSS file works.

The production domain is https://bird-hotspot.com/. This is a previous deployment that works correctly.

Deploys started failing when I changed from javascript to typescript.

The front end is React 18.2.0. I’m using Parcel to bundle the typescript.

This app builds and works well in typescript locally, with netlify dev. It also builds with no errors, although there are some warnings. I have NETLIFY_BUILD_DEBUG set to true, but no errors are logged.

I think this was an issue on the Netlify side. I solved it by creating a new site in my Netlify dashboard, and deploying my Github repo to that. I checked the preview—no errors. Then I moved the domain to the new site. Fixed. I didn’t change anything in my code.

BTW, I did try, before creating the new site, building on Netlify with cache clearing. This did not solve it.

Well, you seem to have deleted any means available to debug this. Also, from the screenshot, it appears that you had enabled asset optimization, which could be part of the problem.