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Typescript and can't run functions created by someone else

I am starting to use Netlify functions, and for some reasons I can’t run functions that my team mate created on his machine. I can see them in the source code, and I can create my own functions that run, but his won’t run for me.

Please note, his functions are Typescript, so not sure if that’s part of it because when I rename my .js file to .ts, they don’t work also.

Any idea what’s happening?

I don’t think the conversion is as easy as an extension change.

Might be, but without we having any information to look at, you’re probably the one who could answer this better. My recommendation would be to ask your friend. If they wrote the code and they say it works for them, they should be able to get it working for you too.

I’ve been talking to my friend for a couple days on this now :slight_smile:

It’s working now, I believe I was running on an old version of the CLI.