Two of our sites are down

We have two sites hosted on netlify under different accounts.

They use DNS A records for domain validation. Pointing to the IP address

The sites are and

Is there an outage at netlify?

Hey @thirstdev

I am able to load both sites fine.

Of note though, the www CNAME record for doesn’t point to Netlify, rather to WP Engine, so only the apex domain is served by Netlify.

@thirstdev It may be unrelated, but our uptime monitoring reported a couple of our sites down at around the time you posted this (4.29pm AEST - 6:19 UTC)

I checked the Netlify status page at the time, along with their twitter account and I saw no updates.

Both sites reported as back online at the next check at 4.41pm AEST.

Hey there, @thirstdev

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Echoing others on this thread, I am able to load both of your sites fine. Please do not hesitate to follow up if you are still experiencing obstacles.