Two-factor authentication 401 error

After I set up two-factor authentication, I was asked to enter a one-time code when logging in, but I entered the correct one-time code and received an error 401. I don’t know how to solve it. This situation has been going on for a day. I guarantee that I entered it. The one-time code is the code displayed by the validator
Now I have removed Netlify from the authenticator but I still can’t log into Netlify
I searched for this problem in the community, and the answer I got was that Netlify technical staff will solve it, but I submitted feedback and have not yet received a reply.

Hiya :wave:t6: welcome to the Netlify community. It looks like the support team is assisting you in our helpdesk. Please refer to ticket #239684 if you have more questions.

Thank you, but I don’t have this problem anymore. My two-factor authentication suddenly returned to normal last night (Beijing time). Without the help of official personnel, thanks to the tips and platforms given by official technical support personnel, I have cancelled my two-factor authentication to avoid trouble caused by this kind of problem next time.

ahh got it! thanks for writing back in and sharing this with the community. Cheers :rocket:

I think it’s a problem with your server. If conditions permit, I’m sure your technicians will check it out, because I entered two identical recovery codes at two different times, one of which reported an error of 401 and the other was normal. According to the control variable method, I can’t prove that it’s my problem. I hope you can check whether it’s a server problem or not, so as to avoid such a situation for other users.

Hi, @W1ndys. If it was our server then more people would have been affected and it would not have resolved without us taking action.

The fact that only you were impacted and that the issue resolved itself without us changing anything indicates that the issue was due to something on your local system or local network. Based on the mention of Beijing time, my best guess as to the cause is this:

That is just one possibility, though. Sometimes a local anti-virus or corporate network firewall is the cause. My point is that the cause of this issue wasn’t at Netlify.