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Two Big Problems: New deploys don't work + The PWA notification is not shown on first try

I have two problems:

I compressed the website folder. It doesn’t work when I try to update my current website and shows a black screen! or even it says it’s updated while it is not! But when I add it as a different website, it works!

The Website which doesn’t work anymore!

The one which works with the new build:

Second, the PWA prompt is not shown on first try! I have to reload the page!

I need help! My website is down :frowning:

Have you looked at the console to see the errors?

Yes! But why the errors are not shown for the second website?

No one is here from Netlify to assist me?

I can’t say for sure.

When you deploy, what do the logs say? Are all the files updated, or do some not get updated?

Download your latest broken deploy from the deploys section and see what, if anything, is missing.

Remember that only files are are new/updated at pushed to the CDN.

There is something wrong with Netlify! I don’t know why this happens … Everything works somewhere else and on another website!

@coelmay BTW, do you know the PWA installation message is not shows on first try?

@hillary Can you please assist me? I need a solution because my site is down!!

I don’t work with PWAs so cannot offer any advice.

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@perry I need your help! the new deploy doesn’t work but it works on a new website!!

I suspect that, because you have compressed your site (as you originally mentioned) the integrity check of your jQuery script is now failing—you have in effect changed the file by compressing it so the sha is different when uncompressed.


My suggestion to you is to load jQuery from a CDN. Here are the CDNJS links and jQuery offer more here.

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@coelmay You’re amazing man! It worked! But it is still weird that the new build works on other websites :slight_smile:


Glad it worked.

I can’t explain why one works and one doesn’t.

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