Turn off email notifications for collaborators?


Currently, when our team goes over a limit, e.g. with build minutes, everyone on the team gets notified by email. It would be great to restrict this to at least just owners, so people with the collaborator role won’t get bothered by these messages which they cannot act on anyway.

Or allow people to unsubscribe individually?


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We’d really like to turn this email off for everyone. Maybe a slack notification, but it’s just noise to our team and a constant reminder of the cost of the service for our product owner. Please make this email opt in or at least add a way for every individual to opt out.

Hi, @herrstucki and @jrjohnson, there is an open feature request for this. I’ve added this forum topic to the +1 list and we’ll follow-up here if/when this becomes a reality.

Is there any news on this? These e-mails are really annoying.

Nope, nothing has changed yet. As promised, we’ll follow up here if anything changes.

So the way we’ve solved it, is by setting the billing email for the collaborators to a non-existing email address :man_shrugging: