Trouble adding my domain name to my account

I am having trouble adding my domain name to my account, even though I purchased the domain from Netlify. Please help.

I’m guessing you’re going to have to provide more detail if you wish to get help. What domain? What trouble are you having?

Apologies. I was thinking the information pre-populated. I am having trouble getting me domain, , linked to my account on Netlify. My account is under UN: emilyalcantar . When I try to add it, the system keeps telling me that it is owned by someone else. It’s not. It’s own by me.

What can I do?


Someone from Netlify will have to help you with this one. This is a known issue:

Hey @emilyalcantar,

We’ve escalated this to the Helpdesk for you. Please check your emails! :smile:

I have checked my email and have not found anything from Netlify. Is there a phone number I can use. Here is a recap of the issue:

Since I purchased the Domain name, I am having trouble accessing my account because the email address and phone number I used since I purchased the domain name have changed. I have a copy of my most recent electronic receipt to prove it is me who is the owner if that is helpful. Thank you. Emily Alcantar,, 469-235-0013 (previous email address and phone number on file:

Emily, we’ve been corresponding with you via the address - looks like emailed you on wednesday. For customers who are on our starter team, we unfortunately do not offer phone based support - that is reserved for Business customers:

We’ll continue corresponding with you in the helpdesk as soon as we are able. thanks!