Trouble accessing published domain

Howdy everyone,

Beginner here. I wanted to use my newly learned skills to create a simple website that the attendees of our wedding could use to RSVP. I’ve created several react apps that were deployed in the same way through netlify and have never run into this issue before.

I have my site deployed at

The site works fine and everyone I sent the link to has had no issues accessing, RSVPing, etc. So, believing I had done a good job, we sent out the invitations with the address listed as


Now, folks who are attempting to RSVP are getting the dreaded red lock on Chrome, saying that the website responded with unusual and incorrect credentials.

Here’s a screenshot:

My questions are - is it too late to do anything about this? If not, what are steps I can take to figure out what’s causing this.
Is the fact that “www” precedes the “” that some users may type causing this error?
Has it only worked because I’ve sent people a link to the site from my devices?

And, in the future, how can I avoid this mistake?

Something else that may be worthwhile to note is that there was another seemingly automatic deploy to my site that wasn’t triggered by pushing to github around the same time as the first person told me that they couldn’t access the site.

tldr; Help a newbie save his wedding website before everyone in her family thinks its broken!

Hey @garofalo.ronald

Yes, this is the issue.

Netlify sites don’t work with a www subdomain (which is a subdomain of emron which is a subdomain of

List site addresses as <site-name> or use a custom domain.

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