Tried to change name & domain of site - now SSL error

I previously had a site named kubewise with the custom domain I had a Netlify LetsEncrypt cert provisioned on it.

I then changed the name of that site to larder-marketing and changed the primary domain to I tried to provision a new cert but I get the error in the subject of this email. The DNS was verifying fine but I couldn’t get a cert.

I have tried deleting the site and starting from scratch, even with different site names like larder-landing. I don’t see to be able to provision a cert for

Please help!

Hi, @dtuite, and welcome to our Netlify community site. :slight_smile:

I’m showing the SSL certificate for this domain was provision just about the time that this post was made. Would you please let us know if it is not working now when you test?

You’re right @luke. It’s working now. It must have been an interface issue rather than an actual problem. :man_shrugging: