Transferring a site without waiting for Netlify Support

I’m trying to transfer one of my projects to a different account.

It looks like to do this you need to wait for netlify support to do the transfer for you.

However, would it be possible for me to create a new team, add the other account, transfer the site to the new team, and then have them delete me from the team?

hi there, did you see this guide already? If this is applicable to you, you can complete this process easily yourself!

if not, please visit, and choose dns/site transfer from the dropdown menu on the right, and we will assist you.

Hi, thanks, yes I saw that, but it wasn’t entirely clear to me.

What would happen if I created a new team and added the account I wish the transfer it to?

Would they then be able to remove me from that team, even though I’d created it?

Hey @ShadowfaxRodeo, sorry to be slow to get back to you! Seems like you had to wait for us after all, sorry about that :expressionless:

Some notes:

In order to do this without us, you’d have to be a paying customer (either Starter Tier with an extra “seat” or Pro, see this page for more details on pricing:

(reason is that you’d need to be a member of multiple teams)

If that were the case, you could create a team, then invite yourself to that, then transfer the site, and then that other team can remove you.

this is a bit of a tricky process, which is why we usually offer to do this for you. If that’s the case - we are happy to assist you with this. sorry again you had do wait a while for this info!

Hi Perry, thanks for your help.

The problem was solved a while ago now, just saw this!