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Transfer Site to new owner

Hi, I would like to transfer the site to another collaborator - how should I go about doing this?

Hi @cslifeisgood,

When you say another collaborator, does that mean they’re already a part of your team?

No they are not part of my team - I mean transfer to a new team.

Yeah, that’s possible. Which site would you want to transfer and to which team?

Sorry for not responding! I want to transfer the cs4good.com website and I would like to transfer it to another individual (I can give you their email) - not sure if they have an account yet! Thanks! :slight_smile:

ananyakarthik100@gmail.com - could you transfer the site to the following email and make an account on netlify for them @hrishikesh ?

Hi @cslifeisgood,

We’d have to ask the user to make an account themselves. Let us know when the account has been made.

Hi @hrishikesh

here are the account details for the other account:

email: ananya23@stanford.edu
team name: Stanford CS+Social Good

Can you transfer the site to this account?

Hi @cslifeisgood

The website has been transferred.

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Hi @hrishikesh it seems like the website has not been transferred to this new team as you can see in this screenshot. Can you double check? Thanks!