Transfer Site to new owner

Hi, I would like to transfer the site to another collaborator - how should I go about doing this?

Hi @cslifeisgood,

When you say another collaborator, does that mean they’re already a part of your team?

No they are not part of my team - I mean transfer to a new team.

Yeah, that’s possible. Which site would you want to transfer and to which team?

Sorry for not responding! I want to transfer the website and I would like to transfer it to another individual (I can give you their email) - not sure if they have an account yet! Thanks! :slight_smile: - could you transfer the site to the following email and make an account on netlify for them @hrishikesh ?

Hi @cslifeisgood,

We’d have to ask the user to make an account themselves. Let us know when the account has been made.

Hi @hrishikesh

here are the account details for the other account:

team name: Stanford CS+Social Good

Can you transfer the site to this account?

Hi @cslifeisgood

The website has been transferred.

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Hi @hrishikesh it seems like the website has not been transferred to this new team as you can see in this screenshot. Can you double check? Thanks!

Aha, that would be my bad.

For some reason, we’re unable to transfer the site. We get an error that cannot transfer site with paid add ons on a team without a payment method.

If you could add a payment method to the new team, we can get it transferred and remove the payment method once the transfer is done.