Transfer Netlify Purchased Domain

I am transferring my business site to a wordpress account.

I initially purchased the domain through netlify. I need it transferred to my account.

From what I have read this is something that the support team needs to help with. I have contacted them last week and haven’t heard from them.

Looking for assistance.


hi there @ryan, let me see if i can help.

did you complete the steps on your end that are outlined here?

is the email address you contacted the helpdesk with this one:

r*********** that will help me identify your ticket.

Thanks Perry. Yes, that is the email I used.

My Account Number:
Account Code: 1696769-5b39161

hi again, thanks for that info. For some reason, I don’t see your ticket in the helpdesk at all - which would explain why you haven’t heard from us! did you get any kind of email response from the ticket you submitted? If yes, could you tell me the ticket number so i can chase it down?

if you didn’t receive anything, it is likely it didn’t go through, and we should try again.

Can you try again from and select Site/Dns transfer and then let me know here what happens? thanks. we’ll be able to get your sorted !

Ok, I just submitted again. After I click submit I get the follow page with this message

" Thank you for reaching out!

We are working hard to help you out, we’ll be in touch shortly. In the mean time, perhaps check out the links below."

Email was successful:
Your case with Netlify Support (58713) has a new response, included below. If you have any follow-up questions or comments, please reply to this email.

great! i see the ticket in the helpdesk now, and i have linked this thread. We have all the info we need, and a support engineer will process the transfer as soon as they can get to it. We are a bit backlogged at the moment, but we will get back to you when we can (via the helpdesk - i am going to go ahead and close this thread to avoid confusion). Thanks for reaching out a second time!