Transfer custom domain to AWS

Hello there,

I have registered custom domain on netlify by using my newly purchased domain on Godaddy. Now, the situation is that we already have migrated our netlify based website on AWS. So, we do want to use our netlify based custom domain on AWS. I don’t know how to migrate this custom domain to AWS, so can you guys help me out with this ?.


What domain are you working with? We’d need to see the settings to be able to advise.

I am working with as a primary domain.

Great! You can handle that yourself, no help needed on our side:

  1. put all records from the netlify dashboard here ( in at AWS. For the “NETLIFY” records, use instead:
  • an A record for with value
  • a CNAME record for to
  1. at Godaddy, set new nameservers to point to your AWS nameservers.

Thanks man, One more thing that I want to ask is, can i get my zone file ?. So that, I can directly import zone file in AWS.

Sorry, no, I don’t have any way to get that myself. You could export each record via API, using the advice here:

…but that seems like more effort than makes sense for the number of records you have, to me.