"Transaction denied" when trying to upgrade from Starter to Pro plan

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Thanks for following up. I assure you that our Support Engineers will respond as soon as they are able to-- I have flagged your question to them.

Our small team supports over 2 million customers and we aim to provide quick and helpful responses as consistently as possible. That being said, due to the volume of folks we are supporting, responses can sometimes take a bit longer. Thanks for understanding.

Hi, I just wanted to upgrade my starter plan to Pro for 19$/month, but when I want to finalize the transaction with the correct payment details, it just shows a red “Transaction denied” message. What does that mean, can somebody help? Would really appreciate it!

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Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you are having trouble upgrading to Pro. When did you attempt to upgrade to Pro? Can you confirm that you are entering a credit card, and not a debit card or prepaid card?

I am also facing the same problem while upgrading from starter to pro plan.
Details of my account -
email: infox@ipu.ac.in

Screenshot of developer console of the payment page -

Hiya @Kashishjain04 ! Looks like you managed to get the team upgraded yesterday after you wrote in - could you share what you did to work around that problem?

Hi, I have the same issue all my debit cards are declined. I am not going to set up new credit card because of netlify. I have email exchange with support and I was told it is issue I need to solve with my bank.
Interesting is that I dont have this issue with other payments online. Only with Netlify, I see netlify has its own payment gateway instead of using some establish whitelisted payment provider. I dont get it. Why you do that? You are just losing way to many customer because of that.

Now my question. Can you recommend me a service, which provide virtual cards which work with Netlify payment system?

If this is not an option. Can you tell me how to pay with a debit card, if I am not an owner of credit card. I mean sending money to account, by mail, pigeon or any modern payment method :wink:

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Thanks for reaching out. It looks like @laura followed up on your Support Ticket. You should see a response from our team in your email inbox.

To answer your question about virtual cards though (and for future forums members following along), we can use those. I do not have any explicit recommendations, however.

I am also facing the same problem in payment, its showing an error as “Transaction declined”

Please help me here on an urgenet basis