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"Transaction denied" - Domains

Hi, i’m trying to buy a domains at top levels with netlify but i can access to the payment. Why ? I don’t know the error just said “Transaction denied …” no more …

The domains is available, it’s a “.com” but why i can’t buy i dont know why ?

So i will maybe see on an other services … That’s sad :confused: cause i really like netlify :confused:

Hi @Largenty ,

My understanding is a “transaction denied” error would usually come from the card issuer. Reasons may include insufficient funds, locked/blocked card, incorrect details, or some financial institutions may block/deny transactions if they suspect they are fraudulent (e.g. you are making a transaction that is different to your normal purchasing habits.)

Have you checked transactions from your financial provider? Most denied transactions should show with a reason.

hey Largenty,

were you able to successfully make a purchase? Do know that you are also welcome to buy the domain through a different registrar, and then connect it to your netlify site: