trailingSlash not working


i’m having trouble with the trailingSlash: true setting of nextjs. Its behaving as if the setting is false, my frontend is behaving correctly (so the / does not get removed by next)

Can anyone help?

This happens on

More Info:
This works perfectly with netlify dev

Used Plugins:
Essential Next.js
Next.js cache

Used Custom Redirects:

from = “/sitemap.xml”
to = “/api/sitemap”
status = 200
force = true

from = “/*”
to = “/404/”
status = 404



In case anyone runs into this weird problem, check if all your routes are index.js files, for me i head a /article/[slug].js, changed it to /article/[slug]/index.js and everything now works fine!

Sill no idea why the setting works in dev but not in production, but this way works perfectly and totally makes sense!

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