Trailing slash redirection


My website is in Prismic. I am using Netlify server and facing some duplicate URL issues just because of ‘/’ (trailing slash) at the end of every internal URLs. Let me describe in detailed -

On Click - URL does open without ‘/’ and then redirect to with ‘/’ and then again redirect to without ‘/’ at the end.

This causes me a lot of redirection and a duplicate URLs as well. I just want your help on - how we can fix these things on any of both. I am OK with either without or with ‘/’.


Could you tell us which site you’re working on so we can check out the settings? Some things like the asset optimization “Pretty URL’s” can affect this behavior, for instance.

Sure, please checkout as I am completely clueless now.

Thanks! Did you try disabling Pretty URL’s (here: and redeploying after changing the setting, to see if that helped or not?