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Too many redirects error randomly occuring

Randomly fails due to “too many redirects” issue.

  • default subdomain: tgecapital.netlify.app
  • primary domain: www.tgecapital.com
  • redirects automatically to the primary domain: tgecapital.com
  • My Domain in Netlify managed, registered through an external provider
  • Under the DNS settings there are NETLIFY records for both www.tgecapital.com and tgecapital.com pointing to tgecapital.netlify.app

My assumption is: Initially tgecapital.com was the primary domain and www.tgecapital.com was redirecting to it. At some point in time, I changed that, I have set www.tgecapital.com to be the primary domain and tgecapital.com to redirect to it. It somehow feels that tgecapital.com and www.tgecapital.com are redirecting between each other now in the loop, causing too many redirects issues.

Hi @jmornar,

That custom domain doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify. Are you sure the DNS configuration is correctly done?