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tImeout of netlify functions when invoking them concurrently

Hello, I wanted to check the load of my functions and web app so I used my web app in 10 different tabs at the same time and used them. All of the netlify functions timeout in this concurrent manual load test. What shall I do regarding this issue?

Hi @kevinchawla

What do your functions do? Are they making calls to external APIs? What size payload are they accepting/returning?

@coelmay Yes my functions make external API calls and all of them are just GET calls and the memory usage seems to be about 1-2 KB and the memory usage on the function log on avg is 78 MB when it succeeds

Hi there, @kevinchawla :wave:

Can you send us the name of your site as well as the name of the functions you are using? We will need a bit more information before we can dive into this further. Thank you.

Hello @hillary


The functions that timesout for the most part are getMetaData and getNextResponse

Just to be clear, the timeout occurs only when you invoke them concurrently and not when you invoke them one after the other after letting some time pass?

@hrishikesh seems like it happens 100% of the time when invoked concurrently and very rarely when invoked one at a time

Hi @kevinchawla,

Is this something we can test? I am not sure how to invoke your functions. If I go to: https://pensive-curie-b9dac8.netlify.app/.netlify/functions/getMetadata/, I get a 404. So, if you can share your code, that would be great, or let us know if there’s something special we need to try to invoke the function.

Hi @hrishikesh How can we move this message to a more private option as the code is sensitive and I would like to refrain from sharing it on a public platform. If it helps we recently moved our codebase to a pro account and also have reached out to the support team through that. Account email is eworldes-netlify@eworldes.com

Hi @kevinchawla,

Apologies for the delay here. You can either PM me the code or we can escalate this to the helpdesk, let us know how you wish to proceed.

The reason why I’d suggest to keep the discussion public except send the bits and pieces in a private message is that, in future someone else might benefit from this thread, but if you wish to take the entire discussion in the private helpdesk, that’s fine too.

EDIT: I see, you’ve already opened a ticket.