Timeframe on Gatsby Cloud sunsetting?

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I’m trying to get a sense of when Gatsby Cloud as a service will be shut down and when I should be aiming to migrate my clients over to Netlify. Will there be an email sent with information and timing?

I’ve been searching but can’t seem to find anything official, the closest I have is a support engineer mentioning it here in July:

You should start migrating. As per the current timeline, the sunset will happen early October, with emails going out most likely next week (unless something changes).

I didn’t get the email but a colleague did. Pasting here for reference in case others didn’t see it (removed client specific info):

In an effort to combine the best of both worlds of Gatsby Cloud and Netlify to bring better products and features to our customers faster, Netlify is discontinuing Gatsby Cloud product offerings and support.

This announcement does not impact Gatsby JS framework and Netlify is fully committed to supporting Gatsby JS to ensure the framework remains a reliable choice for the Enterprise.

For the majority of Enterprise Gatsby Cloud customers, Netlify will maintain Gatsby Cloud operations until the current Gatsby contract expiration date. Custom terms are being offered to a small number of Gatsby Cloud customers to ensure a smooth migration experience.

Where applicable, please consider this communication as formal notice by Gatsby, Inc of its intention not to renew your current subscription for a subsequent term and terminate your subscription at the end of the current term.

Here (Netlify Announces the Evolution of Cloud Platform) is the Netlify blog announcement that includes additional details and resources.

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