`Ticket Not Created` when requesting for opensource plan

As I submitted the request for our opensource project, Netlify immediately rejected me😥

…but my team seem cannot be deleted.

This team was created at Netlify signup and cannot be deleted.
To remove all your data from Netlify, delete your user under User settings.

How to submit the request correctly? Thanks.

Hi @kaikaibenkai ,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Could you try re-submitting the ticket using your login email, shown at Netlify App?

I did fill my login email in the application, but it is still prompting me to ask for support and close the ticket (referring to ticket 178364). Is there any solution?

Hi there! It’s odd that the system wouldn’t send it through, but let’s try this: reply that email describing it’s for an open source plan and I will search for it in our Support queue! Thanks!

OK, I did it

Hi @kaikaibenkai,

We will review the ticket and revert back.

The request has been accepted, thanks

awesome! thanks for sharing with the community!

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