This service has been suspended by its owner


I need your help with the following issue:

My website, has displayed the following error in the last few days: “This service has been suspended by its owner”

My netlify subdomain is:

Could you please help me to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, nothing we can do to help. But you can presumably help yourself:

  1. you host your DNS at You should be able to login there to fix…
  2. the wrong DNS record you have for that domain:
% host has address
 % host is an alias for

These records are not going to serve your netlify site, so you’ll need to update it to point to our service, as specified in our docs (here’s a handy guide: How to Set Up Netlify DNS - Custom Domains, CNAME, & Records

The TL;DR is:

I do not know your DNS situation so this could cause other problems for your domain - for instance I don’t know if you handle email at it - but that is how to configure things for Netlify to host your website :slight_smile: