This page isn’t working. (New site, build successful , works on localhost, but fails on deploy )

Dear All,

I created a new site from my GitHub repo. The site is built using ‘Astro JS’.

The build is successful.

The site is . I have a custom domain set up and the DNS is also set properly. (Atleast it shows that the domain is currently handled by Netlify name servers. The domain is
Lets encrypt is also set up properly.

However, when I visit the site, it just fails with a generic HTTP 500 .
It shows 'This page isn’t working. ’
The site is not able to handle requests.

Any pointers to resolution will definitely help me out plz.


I think it’s a propagation issue! Has it been 48 hours at minimum since configuring DNS? If not, wait till propagation is complete and try again.