This edge function has crashed

Netlify site name:

Locally edge functions run without error however on both production and preview deploys the edge function crashes however the edge function logs never load.

Locally edge functions run without error: there is an edge function run for the /contact/ path to set a ‘submitted’ cookie and an edge function run for all paths to add that cookie to the edge function context.

Netlify build deploy error

This edge function has crashed

An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:

The deployment failed while serving the request.

Connection details

Netlify internal ID: 01GD7RGHX5DF90321B9KHT5CFQ

Hey @mphstudios,

It appears you’re using 11ty, maybe this is related:

hrishikesh, thank you for pointing me to the issue that helped resolve the edge function crash. Importing EleventyEdge from the CDN resolves the edge function crash and deploy failure however form submissions are not being received even though the edge functions run and correctly setting the cookie on form submit and read the cookie on all paths. It may be worth noting that the Edge Function logs are still blank and never load. Prior to the change to the import the edge function for the contact form had successfully submitted the form.

Hi, @mphstudios. I explained the reason form not existing here: