"This dependency was not found:" error when deploying simple Vue site

I’m trying to deploy a simple Vue site and am getting the following error:

This dependency was not found:
* @/views/home/home.vue in ./src/router/index.js

However, I don’t run into any issues in development, or when previewing the viewing the production build locally. I’m using Vue CLI.

Furthermore, the code seems to be correct. I have import Home from "@/views/home/home.vue"; in router/index.js and the path to the file is src/views/home/home.vue. The GitHub repo is at https://github.com/adamzerner/vue-starter and is available publicly.

Thanks for the help,

Hey there, thanks for reaching out.

What you are describing sounds a bit like a an issue with case sensitivity on our system.

Can you give this a read through and let us know if that fixes the issue?