The deploy preview link is working but my custom domain is not


I have a custom domain with Godaddy and have set up the DNS as recommended by Netlify. We have 2 custom sub-domains on 2 different sites (for our development and production environments). However, the deploy seems to be working fine since the site is displaying correctly on the deploy preview url:

However, neither of the actual domains is showing anything. Any help would be much appreciated. The live domains are:
Site Name: sendt-dev
Site Name: sendt-prod

Thanks so much!

Interestingly, now sendt-prod has started working properly on the custom domain but sendt-dev is still not working. I can’t see any differences between the two either which is weird.

Actually I’ve just fixed this issue. Sorry for the pointless post! :sweat_smile:

I’m using CircleCI and the netlify-cli to build both sites. Turns out I was missing the --prod flag from the netlify deploy command only on dev for some reason. Now it all seems to be working fine!

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no worries! we always love it when people come back to let us know how they fixed their problems! i bet you are not the first (or last) to come across this :slight_smile:

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