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Testing the "thank you" page for a form submission using netlify dev

I was able to deploy a form with a custom response page (action="/thank-you"). It works well in production. Unfortunately, I had to simply deploy it to be sure, because responding with the custom thank-you page failed in development. I’d like to know whether I could fix that.

My setup:

  • Jekyll 4.2
  • netlify dev locally running jekyll serve

When I submit the form, the response is my custom 404 page and in the Jekyll serve log I see “ERROR: unsupported method ‘POST’”.

Before I go spelunking, does someone out there already know what’s happening here and can either suggest a workaround or confirm that I shouldn’t expect this to work as is?

Appears this is not possible/a bug in the CLI. This issue may hold relevance to your issue


Thank you. I have subscribed to that Github issue.

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