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Tech contact for implementation questions about Edge Handler vs. Functions


On behalf of one of Netlify’s customers who would like to use our virtual waiting room solution, we are looking into implementing a Queue-it connector for Netlify.

We already have edge worker type implementations for most major CDNs including AWS Lambda/Cloudfront. Thus, we are exploring porting our code to work as a Netlify Function or Edge Handler.

To clarify the requirements, and the best way to do this, we would like to have a brief technical discussion with someone from Netlify, is that possible?

Kind regards, Lasse Riis
Solutions Architect, Queue-it

Hi @Lasse_Riis_Queue-it,

The forums do serve as a great place for any kind of discussions. So you could surely post here as Netlify’s staff also reads and replies in the forums.

You can also write in the helpdesk, but:

  1. It’s for Pro and above customers
  2. Since forums are public, any user who might search for this in the future would be able to benefit from this conversation

Thanks, Hrishikesh

We would prefer to discuss further outside of the forum, is there any chance you can connect us with someone?

We can also ask the customer to introduce us if you prefer?

Kind regards, Lasse

Sure thing, I’ve moved this thread to the helpdesk. If you don’t get any email on the email address used to sign up on the forums, do let us know here.