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Tailwindcss styles are not showing when i deploy my repository

Hello guys,
this is my first create react app website using tailwind css for styling, the styles work fine when i run the website locally, but when i deploy it in netlify all the styles are gone, i dont know where the problem is. please help

  • netlify site name: https://josevalen.netlify.app/
  • github repo: https://github.com/jmvr37/Personal-Website

Have you checked Purge options in Tailwind?

I have but I’m not quite sure if it’s correct, thanks for replying.

Try disabling purge altogether to see if it changes anything.

From what I can see, the CSS file is loading fine:

but it doesn’t contain any Tailwind classes.

i have tried almost everything and still nothing, no clue where the problem could be, it still building fine locally.

You simply need to change your build command to craco build. :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s working fine now, thank you for the support. :pray:

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