Tailwind not showing full styles on my site

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Hi guys,

I’m having issues of tailwing not showing some of the styles on my site.
I reviewed some of the purge issues but, doesn’t seem to fix it. Probably is something related but couldn’t find something related.

Could you please help me?

There is no issue on building.

My domain is: lifesupport-mexico.netlify.app


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I found out that it is purging some dynamic styles. For the time being I removed the purge function. I know there is a way to create a safelist with patterns on Tailwind 3.0 but do you guys know if there is a way to do that on 2.2?


Hey @cfragoso

The best place it look for that sort of information in the Tailwind documentation

Specifically you might look at the PurgeCSS options.

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I was looking into that one but couldn’t make it work. Looks like there is no regexp safelist for 2.2

Thanks for the help coelmay!