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Tag field when sending to server are added single quotes


I created a field for the tag like a string, but when I send it to the server, the quotes are added and but the deploy crashes

Anyone any idea how resolve that?


 - { label: "Tags", name: "tags", widget: "string"}

the tag field is an array and this value will be a link at menu, like this:

date: 2021-02-20
title: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
description: xxxxxxxxxxx
tags: ["book"]
author: xxxxxxxxxxxx

and necessarily in the ‘Content Manager’ tag field it needs to be enclosed in square brackets and with quotes, like this:


to be added to the menu with this tag but when I send it, single quotes are added, like this:


and I get this error in the deploy process:

 - type: array
  value: [ ..., 'book', ... ]
 - type: string
    value: '["book"]'
success building schema - 2.423s
error There was an error in your GraphQL query:
Cannot query field "tags" on type "MarkdownRemarkFrontmatter".

I tried as list widget, but hyphen is added, like this:

- '["book"]

Would anyone know what this could be? Thanks for any help!

Hi Lisa and sorry it’s been so long without a reply! Our Support staff hasn’t seen that error before and aren’t CMS experts anyway.

The CMS is maintained by the community rather than Netlify these days, so you might have more luck asking them via one of these channels:


Sorry I don’t have better advice today!

Hey there @laiscavalcanti Welcome to Netlify forums!

Quick question, does your project build locally or is it only when deployed with Netlify?

Just a guess here but it looks like you are using front matter. Could you let us know what SSG you are using as I have seen several Eleventy and Jekyll sites use this syntax in their tag implementation front matter.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: