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Synchronisation between frontend and backend deployments


Hope I’m posting at the right place :slight_smile:

Our frontend code is deployed in netlify and the backend services in aws deployed using seed.run after CI (we use CircleCi).
The problem we are facing is the synchronisation of deployments between frontend and backend services. Because the site building in netlify takes approximately 10 mins, and at the time netlify is building the site, our backend has already been deployed. So sometimes when the new api is renamed or removed in the backend which has been deployed but the old version of frontend is calling the new version of api which caused the breakage. Versioning the api isn’t an option because that’ll require developers to maintain different versions of codes plus unit/integration tests.
How do we normally handle this kind of situation so that the latest frontend and backend codes are deployed at the same time?
Thank you!

Hi @may-zaw,

I’d advise you to lock publishing to a deploy on Netlify and see if there’s a similar thing in CircleCI. If there’s it could work something like:

  1. You push to your repo to start the builds.
  2. Both the services build your stuff, but none of them publishes it live.
  3. Once both the builds are done, you could publish them via API or manually.