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Suspected harmful website on LinkedIn


I’ve deployed this site: https://accountingleaderspodcast.com but LinkedIn is returning a malware warning when myself and my colleagues share the site link. I have added headers in an attempt to fix it but am still getting the error and don’t quite understand why – I found another post that referenced this issue but didn’t see a solution provided. I’d appreciate any help you’re able to give!

Hi @jess

This is not a good situation. Virus Total shows a clean bill of health (see report) as does Google (see report.) Checking several other tools yields the same result.

I suspect this is likely an internal LinkedIn issue. I suggest reaching out the LinkedIn directly.

Hi @coelmay,

Thanks very much, I’ll do a bit more digging and let you know if I find a resolution.


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In case anyone reading this has the same issue, I fixed this with the help of this thread:

I went on spamhaus and saw that our site was indeed blacklisted. I also saw that our header rating was very poor, so I added a netlify.toml file to my root folder with the specified missing headers in order to get our header rating to an A. Then, I put in a ticket with Spamhaus, and they removed the blacklisting for me within 12 hours. Hope this helps you!