[Support Guide] What can Netlify's staff help debug about my failing builds or deploys?

Last Reviewed by Netlify Support Staff: August 2023

Our team loves to help!

We want you to succeed in your use of Netlify, and particularly, we want to help you understand why your site which builds on your local machine will not build within Netlify’s build environment.

We have a ton of related content, so if you are trying to debug your build failing, you’ll want to start from one of these articles:

But, at some point, if you’ve tried it all (we think it would take someone who is pretty good at unix and building several hours to try it all, just to set expectations on the effort level that our guides should enable you to self-serve at), and your build still won’t work please feel free to ask for help!

You should include the following information when you ask your question:

  • A description of all the things you’ve tried, so we don’t have to guess if you’ve synced our build environment with your local versions, or if your build works locally, or what you’ve changed in your code recently.
  • Your site name or the URL to your site.
  • What you are trying to accomplish.

Sometimes we can’t help as quickly or as in depth as you’d like. For context, we have small team of hardworking Support Engineers. We take care of hundreds of thousands of customers with millions of deploys with a team of less than 10 people. Those 10 people assist customers from Enterprise, who pay for dedicated support, all the way down to the Starter tier, who use our services for free. Even though we hate being stuck as much as you do, we can’t offer beyond the following:

  • Debugging or accessing your site’s javascript, whether it be vanilla JS or a framework. We can give it a quick look, but we do not have the resources to review the problems to your personal JS most of the time.
  • If you’re having trouble with other systems such as CircleCI or TravisCI, we will not be able to provide direct tech support on other products.
  • Network connections from the build environment to services or APIs we do not control are not things we can troubleshoot with you.

Hopefully this helps clarify how and what we can help with. Please open a thread to get started!