[ Support Guide] How to use the API to increase your site's build time limit

@generativjs I’ve increased the timeout to 60 minutes

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That’s quite urgent for us right now, I hope you’ll get our message here today: could You please increase our build_timelimit to 90 min if possible? We are on a Free Pro Trial, the site ID is 3fb79e5c-aea1-4088-bff7-2ec310bbcf2c

Thanks in advance

@FSW, done! Try deploying now.

can you please increase the timeout for site id 9c7f4da6-3414-431e-91d8-23a883599b8b to 60 minutes?
Thank you

This is done, please check.

It works, thank you very much!

Hi can you please increase the limit to 60min for this site: 2df92f64-83a8-4afa-9d9e-69e5d8ae7e7c

Sadly got a few timeouts and therefore went over the build limit with unsuccessful builds, maybe there is a way to get some of the minutes back?


Hi, your build timeout is already set to 60mins. If you are not seeing this take effect please re-deploy.

You are right, could you extend it to 90min? Seems like our site is getting too big. We are working on archiving a lot of the data, but until then we really would need the builds to go through. Cheers

Hi, @henry1. the build timelimit has been increased to 90 minutes for that site. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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