[Support Guide] Bitbucket PR deploy previews fail

At this time, you can link to either GitHub, GitLab, Azure Devops, or Bitbucket via the Netlify User Interface.

However, there is an issue with Bitbucket that causes pull request (PR) deploy previews to fail. This is due to a shortcoming in the Bitbucket API, whereby our system doesn’t get provided all the information it needs to pull your code for a pull request via Bitbucket's API, and thus, we cannot fetch or build it, or show you previews. Bummer. If you are interested, the long running open issue filed on Bitbucket has all of the details.

GitHub and GitLab's APIs are capable in this regard, and allow us to show you a preview, but not Bitbucket's.

If you plan to continue using Bitbucket + Netlify, I'd suggest disabling the notifications for pull requests on the Netlify webhook in your repository's settings to prevent future failed builds.

Bitbucket works well with Netlify otherwise, except for our Collaborative Deploy Previews feature which won’t work without full PR support from bitbucket’s API.

If this issue is resolved, we’ll post an update here. If you think your issue is a result of something else, give us a shout and we’ll try and help.

Just wondered if there had been any progress with deploy previews on bitbucket repos

Hi @DaveHarrison,

thanks for checking in on this. I took a look at the underlying ticket where these concerns are being tracked on Atlassian/BitBucket’s side, which you can see here:


Apparently, there is no movement, even though as you can see people are asking for this loud and clear, and the issue is 7 years old at this point. I’ve re-opened this thread so we can keep you up to date if there is any movement on this, but, to the best of my current knowledge, until BitBucket unblocks us, there isn’t much we can do. Sorry we don’t have better news.

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:crossed_fingers: that a Bitbucket roadmap estimation of Q3 2020 is still accurate

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i just checked the bitbucket issue again and it doesn’t seem like there have been any updates. Sorry everyone. I guess we’ll have to keep checking back.