Super slow page load on ios

I have a problem with the page load speed. Especially on an ios phone. Loading the first page can take up to a minute. The photos weigh approximately 50kb. What can I do to improve page loading?

Site build using gatsby.

Primary domain:

Default subdomain:

@kalwas Welcome to the Netlify community.

I’m getting sub-two-second loads on macOS and iOS in Southern California. Have you tried profiling your site load in your browser’s development tools to see what’s taking so long?

so I checked on the computer, these are the photos on the phone as well

@kalwas It loads right away for me on iOS, whether I’m on a wifi or on a cellular connection.

Is the problem may appear with me because I’m in Europe?

@kalwas Netlify CDN points of presence should cover Europe, although there may be an issue with the network.

I uploaded to another server and it’s very fast compared to what is on Netlify. Is there nothing else that can be changed?

@kalwas Not by me. Someone from Netlify will have to investigate.

hey kalwas, can you please capture a HAR file so we can get more information about what is happening?


I attach files from the main page and one subpage. It is a pity that it is impossible to make a measurement from the phone because it is the most onerous there, especially on ios.

@kalwas It’s actually not that difficult to generate a HAR file in iOS … at least, not if you’re using macOS and Safari on your main computer.

The way I do it is:

  1. connect the iPhone to my iMac,
  2. open the webpage of interest on the iPhone in Safari,
  3. open Safari on my iMac,
  4. on the iMac, open the iPhone under the Develop menu (obviously, you must enable developer mode beforehand), and select the webpage of interest. This pops up the webpage inspector,
  5. on the iMac click on Network in the webpage inspector,
  6. on the iPhone, reload the page,
  7. once the page has loaded fully, click on Export.

This is the file I get here in Southern California when I do this with your site:

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Thanks. @perry This is mine from Poland.

Hi, did that help a bit in finding the problem?

Hi there!

Unfortunately the HAR file expired before I could take a look at it, sorry about that!

However, I think the main part of your problem is probably that you don’t use our CDN to serve your site’s content. Please take a look at this article about a better configuration for you in DNS that will allow you to use the CDN, instead of your current config, which causes all resources to serve from San Francisco, USA, on the west coast.

Since you use the bare domain for your primary custom domain (you can change to www by using the dropdown in my screenshot below, which is the easier fix compared to finding a new DNS host that is more capable so you can use the bare domain on our CDN), and you use the load balancer “A” record, this is expected by us - but I am guessing not intended by you.

Let me know if making the DNS change (or site settings) helps out!

@kalwas What happens when you set up your DNS correctly, as outlined here?

You seem not to have a CNAME for your www subdomain that points to your Netlify subdomain.