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Suggestion about log out issue that I faced

I logged in to Netlify through Github and I opened two different tabs. When I finished my work, I logged out from one tab. And the second tab was still open with logged-in status. Note: I didn’t refresh after logging out, and I was still able to see tabs and so on. After some time it threw an error of 401 with the button “Back To Home”. Now, whenever I am clicking on that page it is not returning me to the home page, and also it shows Navbar with my profile pic and company name. Since I am also a Full-Stack developer, I found a problem in this system and I am just drawing your attention to the problem.
How you can create this?

  1. log in to Netlify through Github or any other options
  2. Open it in two separate tabs.
  3. Logout from one tab.
  4. Do not refresh the other tab, just access ‘Sites, Builds, etc.’
  5. After some time it will show the button of “Back to home”. Press that button. You will see the problem!
    Thank You.

Hi @feniljariwala82,

Thank you for reporting this. We’ll check this and pass it on to the developers.