Suddenly getting very slow TTFB

My server uses an nginx proxypass to send everything except a few urls to netlify. The configuration has been fine for 9 months, no issues.

This morning I started getting over 1 minute TTFB when accessing through our url, tried from several locations around the US.

  • Everything was working fine just over an hour ago.
  • Nothing has changed in our codebase or server.
  • Directly accessing the netlify app url loads as normal.
  • Directly accessing our server through the main url works as normal.
  • Proxied urls to netlify were getting slow TTFB, and slow content delivery.
  • Suddenly after just over an hour everything returned to normal.

Have eliminated as many potential causes as we can think of. I’d love to understand what are the issues with proxy passing urls to netlify, and how to avoid a slowdown like this occuring again.


Hey @damn,
Could you please share a Netlify url and an x-nf-request-id so we can see if we’re seeing the same slowness in our logs? After that, we may also ask you for a HAR file. Thanks!